Anonymous said: hey so how did you end up connecting your top and bottom? for the weeping angel

I’m such a terrible person I never finished this costume because I quit cosplaying

I’m assuming you’re referring to the dress, yes? I kept it as a separate top and skirt which is how the original costumes were. The skirt was plenty long so I pulled it up to nearly under my bust (I’m short yo) and you couldn’t tell they were separate pieces. Plus it negates the need for hemming or shortening it and you don’t need one skirt for photoshoots (longer so it sits on the floor with a lil extra) and one for walking around (shorter so it just barely brushes the floor).

In the beginning I had intended to make it a true dress but after getting the underdress done I found it was too difficult to get on and would be a complete pain to wear. The skirt/top design would prove more efficient when at cons because you could easily wear something like cargo pants under it (pockets, man) and as long as you had someone with you getting that hula hoop skirt in a bathroom stall wouldn’t be an issue. Just take off the skirt and have someone watch it and the wings while you pee.

clairehasthephonebox-deactivate said: Have you finished the wings? I'm planning a weeping angel costume for a con soon and I've been searching for different ways to attach the wings. I like yours, just interested to see what the end product was with the wings and how they went on the day! Any more photos or tutorials would be fantastic :)

I have not, but it’s purely out of laziness. I need to dig around and buy a couple of things to be able to do them (and figure out another bit). When I do them, I promise I’ll post it here. With the semester ending next week I’m planning to force myself out of my laziness to whip them out. Unfortunately, as of right now, there aren’t going to be any photos “on the day” mostly because I have no cons planned this year. However I’ll photograph how it looks all put together with each part.

And now we’re all caught up

As I said before, I still need to re-do the wings and wig so there isn’t anything for me to post about them right now. That means everything I have done (and, therefore, most of the costume) is now written out and posted.

If you find yourself becoming a weeping angel and use anything I did as a guide please know that I love you. Seriously. When I made this I had only ever sewn one time in my life (aside from fixing things) and certainly never did anything so, for lack of a better word, crafty. It was an entirely new thing for me and the fact that I managed to end up with a pretty damn good cosplay while running on caffeine and little sleep still amazes me.

My personal pride over this thing aside, I’m sure that even after re-writing and trying to clarify there are still things that don’t make any sense to anyone but myself. That’s just how it works sometimes. If you’re reading through a part of this and don’t understand please just shoot me an ask. I’m happy to clear up any points of confusion.

I’m hoping to get started on the wings soon, perhaps even next week. I already have some of the materials (more free to me stuff) and only need a couple of things to be able to build them. My only concern right now is getting the feather texture with the method I’m going to use to make the wings.


Once again I followed penwiper nearly verbatim, but for the sake of keeping everything together here’s how to make your gloves. Really, they aren’t gloves but more arm covers.

Remember how I said you needed to matching pairs of tights? This is where that second pair comes into play. The reason you wanted them to match was so they’d look the same when they’re painted. In theory, rather than paint them, you could dye them but I say paint.

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Head cover

I followed penwiper verbatim here. You’ll need one of the sets of tights, luckily for me I had screwed up my first pair of gloves so I could use those. I have no in-progress photos for this because, at the time, I didn’t plan on ever explaining what I did.

You need to cut the crotch of the tights in half, separating them into the two legs. Slide one of the legs over your head like a bad bank robber and indulge in a moment of immaturity. Go on. I honestly held up finger-guns and pretended to be a bank robber for a minute. Have to find some way of entertaining yourself.

Be sure to pull the tights down enough that you’ll be able to cover your neck. I made this before I had either mask or dress so I had to guess at nearly everything here. To figure out how much you need to cut away around you’re face I recommend you rub some chalk on the mask edges and put the mask on over the tights. Also, use a hair tie to mark where to cut off the top of the tights.

Take the tights off and cut about half an inch inside the chalk line. Penwiper recommended you coat the edges with nail polish to prevent running but I honestly didn’t have any runs show up or try to show up. Cut off the leg where you marked it earlier and sew it shut from the inside.

Put your new head cover on a Styrofoam wig head and paint away. Tip for success: don’t stop painting unless you have to because if you do you’ll have very noticeable lines. I found that out the hard way. My suggestion is to use the light grey to paint the tights and to let it be a little streaky. It helps it look less like tights and more like stone.

The mask

After the wing apparatus, the mask(s) are the most important thing for the costume. You could, of course, paint your face and skin but if you’re like me you can’t keep a straight face. So that means you need a mask.

Personally I had never sculpted before this so I opted for a pre-made “serene” mask from Michael’s. The best thing I found to paint the mask with was the fat end of a cosmetic sponge. No, really. Dabbing the paint on with that gave it a very nice texture that was similar to stone.

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Wing holding

Arguably the most important part of the costume is the wing apparatus. If you can’t wear and support your wings you’re going to just be a weird grey person.

Gather up any scraps from your dress (you kept those, right?), that other pillow case, and a tank top to use as a template. Find a scrap long enough to wrap around your midsection, fold it in half, and pin the tank top on it. Wow holy crap, you’ve got a free pattern. Bam.

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The completed dress. It’s been sitting in a closet for six months so it’s wrinkled but here it is, modeled by Ella (Beatrice’s replacement). Yes I name my dress forms. I have three, how else am I supposed to keep them straight?
The skirt is extremely long, so I wear it up under my bust. Here it’s sitting on the ground but when I actually wear it so it’s hanging a bit and doesn’t drag the ground as much. Either way you must walk on tiptoes to keep from tripping. It looks really creepy, almost like you’re floating.
Making the skirt

The skirt is, by far, much easier to construct and requires next to no test fitting.

You’re going to be doing more ruffling and, like I said, if you don’t have a ruffler I’m so sorry. That other flat sheet? Yeah you need to ruffle down one of the long sides. All the way down it. This saves you the trouble of needing to drape it and creates the same effect as the top. What can I say? I’m lazy.

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